Why wait? D.A.T.E.!
Do Anything That Energizes you
Many people stand on the edge of the cliff, knowing the force of the wind, the angle to jump, the hight of the cliff, the jumping speed etc. Rather than making the jump, they go back to gather more information…. However often you know enough. At a certain point, knowing more doesn’t increase the quality of the jump, nor does it get more secure. You might not have all the answers, but it is time. Time to take a step and go.

Here’s to you: Why would you wait? D.A.T.E! Do Anything That Energizes you! Go, head first, and give it your all. Enjoy the adventure, and be proud of taking a leap! If it brings you what you wanted celebrate the achievement and if not: celebrate you tried!
What will be your first D.A.T.E?