About Vitamin Sea
Sea as inspiration. The sea calms down, wakes up, let you explore and invites you to act… you never know what the next wave will bring, you can only trust that a next wave will come. And in the in-between from old to new, you have a choice what you do…. Also in life changes don’t go from the old directly into the new: there is an in-between or liminal space; in which you can sit, reflect, act, experiment. Sometimes it feels restless since you don’t know what to expect.
With this Vitamin Sea I hope to spark that trust, ideas, reflection and experimentation. Which path did you take? Which choices did you make? How was the in-between; and how much time did you allow yourself to be in that in-between? Thanks that you tried it! You can always come back for another ‘shot’ of Vitamin Sea: to listen to the music, play, or reflect.
Whatever you do, 3 things are important to keep in mind:

1. Be powerful mild to yourself

2. Everything is ok. Know you always have a choice (to do or not to do; to go further, stay, go back or take an alternative).

3. Cherish the in-between: Take time to breathe, think and feel what is right for you!

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Vitamin Sea is created by Imare. Imare creates visual experiences to inspire people to see the invisible