Why Imare?

Imare believes in the Wisdom of the Crowds. To unlock talents, skills, wishes and potential of people, Imare takes curiosity and an open mind, heart and ears as a starting point. Out of the interactions diverse connections are made and images created. Which in turn surprise and inspire people to think, reflect, contribute, create, change and connect further. By making the invisible visible, while using the inclusive language of visuals, we make connections throughout the team, organisation, world, with which you can learn, develop and grow further as individual and team to add value and fulfil your true potential.

Story behind Imare

Imare stands for Imagen (image) and Mare (sea). The sea is always an inspiration. The sea connects everyone on this planet (all continents) and is always moving. With my images I  want to inspire people to create connections within/between them, which motivates them to make a move. and together  create a continuously curios community.


Visualize Purpose

I will visually record your event, team session or workshop. You will have a visual summary of the key messages. Introducing an inclusive language gives insights, awareness and (shared) understanding to the participant group. The messages will be remembered better and will be easier brought across to other parts of the organisation. The visuals can be translated or modified into all kinds of communication material to keep the momentum alive and create a sustainable impact.

Besides that I translate visions, reports, presentations into visuals. So that you as organisation have one shared image, which makes it easy to embed in the organisation.

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